MiCHIGO Thoughtful Thursday with HiBnB

MiCHIGO is excited to announce our next Thoughtful Thursday presentation, HiBnB Overview: The Hub for 420 Friendly Rentals, Events, and Culture on Thursday, April 28, 2022 from 6-7 PM via Zoom.

Diana Becker-Park and Elizabeth Becker of HiBnB will introduce attendees to their online marketplace dedicated to the growing cannabis community, providing safe responsible, inclusive accommodation & activities options to guests looking to enjoy cannabis in their leisure time and while traveling.  It’s like AirBnb plus Eventbrite combined – a 100% cannabis friendly, one-stop shop!

Elizabeth has always been a cannabis advocate and in 2018, when Canada became the first G7 country to federally legalize cannabis at the recreational level, she knew there was an opportunity to establish a business that could grow on a global level. Disappointed that the tight regulations restricted the sales and marketing, and commercialization of the newly born cannabis industry, and seeing that the regulations supported cannabis sales and not cannabis consumption, Elizabeth jumped from 25+ years as a writer and director in film and television to become an internationally recognized award winning innovator / disruptor at the intersection of cannabis, hospitality, and technology.

Diana has a business degree from Western University and spent the first of many business years fine tuning her sales skills in the food industry. Her superpowers include outreach and connection, and she is obsessed with removing stigma and judgment from the world. Diana dreams of a place that people can be accepted for who they are and not viewed through a distorted lens. The world will be a better place when we all accept each other as we are.

While our Thoughtful Thursdays are often MiCHIGO members only events, we’ve decided to make this one available to the general public at no charge. Pre-registration is required – please fill out the form to register & get the link!

Thanks to Michigan Marijuana Report/Four20 Post for providing the Zoom!

Diana Becker-Park and Elizabeth Becker of HiBNB

Diana Becker-Park and Elizabeth Becker of HiBNB

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