MiCHIGO Membership Benefits

Entrepreneur Membership

The Entrepreneur Membership gives individuals resources to connect with MiCHIGO members and the cannatourism space as a whole.

$150 annually
Social Equity or Veteran
$75 annually

  • 25% off MiCHIGO Event Admission Discount (live and online)
  • Discounted Booth Fees at Events
  • Use of MiCHIGO.org Member Badge
  • Access to Membership Contacts & Forums
  • Complimentary Monthly Membership Event Access
  • Invitation to MiCHIGO Retreat Event
  • Free Access to MiCHIGO Report(s)
  • 25% discount on MiCHIGO.org advertising
  • Opportunities to Sponsor Giveaways/Prizes
  • Discounts on Partner Organization Events
  • Discounts on Select Services from MiCHIGO Partners